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Participation is free if you are a NZ citizen or resident; you are 16 plus years old and you can commit to attending the full 12 hours of course time.
There are no fees and no assessments.

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Māori Place Names

This course is an introduction level course for those would like to learn how to say Māori placenames correctly, like Otāhūhū. This course would be useful for those who use Māori placenames at work and would like to practice pronunciation in a fun and safe environment.

No prior knowledge of Te Reo is required.

Popular phrases to use while cleaning your house
This course is an introductory level course where you will learn popular phrases used when cleaning your house. You may have heard phrases before, and so our tutors have designed an innovative way to capture teaching Te Reo and practical learning.
You will not be asked to clean the Ngāti Tamaoho office, but you may be asked to “empty the paper basket” in Te Reo. No prior knowledge of Te Reo is required.
Applying for a job

Never applied for a job before? or not for a long time? or not with confidence? This course is an overview of where to look for the kinds of jobs that interest you, making an application for a job - including preparing a CV, and practicing for job interviews.


Budgeting doesn't solve financial problems, but it can help make the best use of what money you do have.  This course shows you how to work out where all your money goes and what you need to do to get more control of your financial situation.

Career and Education Planning

Don't be part of the 25% of New Zealanders whose work is not satisfying!  This course if for anyone who is trying to decide what kind of work they would enjoy, and what education is needed to get that kind of job.

Faster Reading

Are you required to read more than you are comfortable with at work, home or with family members? Whether it’s reading the newspaper, textbooks as part your studies, or reports at work, almost everyone can read faster and improve their understanding. It may require some work to develop the habit but in the long run this course could save you lots of time and make reading more enjoyable.

Hauora Māori

Learn about Māori perspectives and approaches to health in te reo.

He Kaitahi (Te Reo when sharing a meal)
This course is an introductory level course where you will learn common phrases used when sharing a meal with family or friends. The emphasis of this course will be speaking Te Reo.
This is not a cooking course, and no prior knowledge of Te Reo is required, but plenty of exercise may be necessary afterwards, so you may be interested in “Ngā Waiata-ā-Ringa” course.
He Karakia

Understand the significance of karakia in opening and closing meetings and giving thanks for food; learning some simple karakia for these purposes.

He Mihi

Learn how to deliver a short mihi in common situations such as welcoming people to a group or expressing appreciation on behalf of a group.