A Settlement Organisation for Ngati Tamaoho


Information Sheet Views and Request for Feedback

1. Introduction

As you all know we are negotiating with the Crown to settle our remaining historical Treaty claims. Our aim is to achieve an Agreement in Principle (AIP) by the end of June 2012, and then a final Deed of Settlement by the end of 2013 (Deed). These dates may move given the time it takes to agree on matters and also the resources the Crown commits to the negotiating process, but these are our best estimate dates at this time.

We have always known that when we do finally settle we will need to have in place an organisation or entity to receive and manage the settlement assets (cash, properties etc) on behalf of Ngati Tamaoho. This is commonly referred to as a Post Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE).

The Crown have told us that when we achieve an AIP they may advance us some of the Settlement monies “on account’ to, among other things, participate in the Tamaki Collective (discussed below). We need a PSGE in place to receive and manage those monies.

In addition, once the Tamaki Collective settlement is completed, Ngati Tamaoho will need a PSGE in place so that it can fully participate as a member of the Tamaki Collective.

Given these overall deadlines the Board has decided to work towards the establishment of a PSGE in August 2012; therefore, it is important to note that:

We now seek your feedback on structure of the PSGE; and -

You will have the final say later on, by voting on the establishment of the PSGE.

2. Initial Views and Feedback Sought 

Some questions for which the Ngāti Tamaoho Board would like to know your views are on the yellow questionnaire that we ask you to fill in and send back in the enclosed self addressed envelope – or if you prefer, you can complete it on-line: http://www.tamaoho.maori.nz/psge-survey. And of course, feel free at any time to call the office or email us using the contact details in this newsletter to share your views with us.

In May we plan to consider all of the views and ideas expressed to us and then come up with a final PSGE proposal which we will send to you for your consideration and if you agree, approval or ratification – this is discussed below.

To be able to vote you must be registered; so, again, we urge you and all your whanau to register with us as soon as possible – on the website (http://www.tamaoho.maori.nz/registration) or we can mail forms to you. Adults 18 years of age or older will be able to vote.

3.    PSGE Ratification

We will be discussing the issue at hui-a-iwi, firstly on April 1 at Mangatangi and then probably in July.  Details and venues are in the Upcoming Events section of the newsletter.

If we keep to our current timelines our plan will be to send you a formal ratification booklet in August 2012.  This booklet will explain our final proposed PSGE model. It will also include voting papers for you to vote on that proposal.